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The Greyton Genadendal Valley Collective is an online marketplace and information hub for producers, businesses, residents and visitors to the Valley of Grace (Greyton, Genadendal, Bereaville, Voorstekraal, Bosmanskloof).

As a platform which supports local products & services, The Greyton Genadendal Valley Collective provides an online shopfront for entrepreneurs & businesses to advertise and sell their products or services online.


1. Fair share: We recognize the inequality in our communities and the need for sharing resources and skills. In addition to providing a platform for this exchange we also provide a channel for the donation of financial resources & skills.

2. Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and strive for a community that fosters an open, inclusive and productive environment in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

3. Local first: We actively promote the mindset of community independence. Where possible, products & services consumed within the community should be identified and made available from local providers.

4. Carbon footprint: We recognize climate change as one of the biggest challenges facing humankind and the need to promote and transition to low-emissions alternatives within our local economy.

Vendor qualification

Is a part of the GGC community: Either lives within the GGC or surrounding farmlands.


Provides a product or service that is produced / manufactured within the GGVC OR Provides a product or service that is currently not available / not practical to produce within the GGVC and that conforms to GGVC values.

We don't track you.

Most websites include embedded code from Google, Facebook or Amazon either for website analytics, Google Maps, Facebook widgets, and many more purposes that involve collecting your data, the websites you visit, what you purchase online, who you bank with, your age, race & gender, how much you earn and pretty much your entire digital life.

The GGVC and thegreendirectory.net do not include any tracking scripts from these global ad-networks. Instead we use open source, self-hosted, privacy respecting tools, such as OpenStreetMaps for mapping and Matomo for providing insights into how our visitors use the website.

We only collect essential personal data from our users in order to provide a service – such as managing subscriptions, placing orders, processing payments and making deliveries.

We do not share or sell user data to any 3rd party.