It's no secret that many of the best jobs are online.

Equipping children and young adults with digital skills – especially programming or coding knowlege is as important as learning to read or do basic arithmetic.

Maybe you’re thinking of upskilling – computer skills are in big demand and opportunities are plentiful online for people with technical abilities.

The best part about it – there are thousands of free courses available online for all levels, from kids and abolute beginners to computer science degrees and beyond.

Each lesson builds on the one before it. As the saying goes ‘if you can read, you can cook’…well if you can read then you can program a computer.  There is no magic needed.

All that is needed to start learning is a computer or tablet, an internet connection – and regular learning time.

What kind of jobs can I get once I’ve developed computer skills?

Some possible career paths for IT related online work include:
  • Entrepreneur / business owner
  • Data entry / data processing
  • Coding / programmer
  • Web design & development
  • Project manager
  • Systems admin / DevOps
  • Freelance / gig work
  • Research & education institutions
  • IT Support
  • Game development & animation

Free online courses and resources for kids

ScratchJr: for kids 4+ . This is the first coding for kids resource that children should use. Available for Android and iOS

Scratch – learn the basics of computer programming: for older kids (8+), teenagers and adults:

Lots more free resources for kids here:

Touch-Typing is a super-power!​

The benefits from being able to touch-type are massive. Anyone can learn to touch type and the skill will accelerate all other progress with computers & technology.

The earlier you start your kids, the better! for a good place to start, have a look at TypingClub’s Jungle Junior game for preschoolers, and grade 1’s –

Free courses and resources for older kids and adults – Learn touch typing for free. – “Learn computer science, change the world.”

Khan academy 
Hour of code lessons:
General computing courses:


Free code camp

Dash – Free online course that teaches the basics of front-end web development

The Odin Project: Foundations of web development

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python (MIT undergraduate course)

Code wars

No computer? learn on your phone or table with these Apps which all have lots of free content – all are available for Android and iOS

Programming Hero

Ready to take it to the next level & learn about computer science?

Here is everything you need to know!