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Compost Water Heater System
Compost Water Heater System
Help us plant 1,000 trees!
Help us plant 1,000 trees!
The Overberg region of South Africa is a friendly place with rolling hills, rugged mountains and thousands of hectares of grain & sheep farming. Our 'patch of dirt' is in a forgotten corner of the Overberg nestled near the Klein River mountains. The ground is mostly solid clay & rock. Baked all day in summer, and exposed to the brunt of the winter storms, it's a tough place for life. But there is also much beauty, from the Blue Cranes that bring up their young in the fields each year, to the magical sunrises & sunsets every day and the incredible starry skies. With the help of many of our hard working friends - some who have even come back more than once, we have planted 250 340 490 mostly indigenous trees. It's been slow going, but these tough little trees have survived, are now growing fast and are filled with birds, bees and butterflies. To see it in contrast to the surrounding landscape is inspiring & we now want to plant lots more & create a future forest! We're not just doing this for the birds though - we are offering our friends & family, especially the jet-setters to grab the opportunity to appease their climate consciences and offset some carbon. We've seen your holiday snaps online & know that you haven't been holidaying in Hermanus or Bognor Regis this year. 1 tree absorbs 370 kg of carbon over 10 years = 1 short flight 10 trees absorbs 3,700 kg of carbon over 10 years = 1 longhaul flight If you don't have the time or space to plant a tree yourself - then this is the next best thing ;)
, Western Cape
South Africa


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